How To Paint Abstract Art

As the name suggests, abstract art is an expression of abstract concepts that

How To Make Wedding Favour Bags

Your wedding has to be perfect, and you want to make sure it’s

How To Make Patchwork Quilt Patterns

Patchwork quilt patterns are traditionally geometric, reflecting the history of this art form.

How To Choose Scrapbooking Layouts

The art of scrapbooking has become more and more popular in recent years.

Chalk Drawing Techniques

An overview of chalk art. Drawing with chalk is a fun and beautiful way to express yourself. This art form dates all the way back to the Paleolithic times, when

How To Embroider By Hand

Finding a great hobby that is at once rewarding and fun as well as simple and easy to do is hard, embroidery however fulfills both those roles. This fun, easy

How To Screen Print TShirts

While screen printing your own tee shirts might seem intimidating, following a few simple steps and the process is quite easy. By purchasing a few materials, you can make some

How To Make A Paper Fan

Paper fans are easy to do, and can be made of almost any kind of paper such as newspaper, magazines, copy paper, or any other per you have laying around.

How To Hem A Dress

You don’t have to take your dress to the dressmaker to get it hemmed anymore. Hemming a dress is quick and easy, and it can make a great difference in

How To Make A Scrapbook

The old saying about how a picture can say a thousand words is not really applicable if all your family photos are hiding under the bed in a big box.

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